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After the CryptoKitties, Muse bets on the NFT for her new album



The NFT album will feature high-quality audio formats of the songs as well as the digital signatures of the three band members. SUZANNE CORDEIRO / AFP

The British rock band signs its return with a ninth galette, Will Of The Peoplewhich will be released on August 26 on CD, vinyl and NFT.

On August 26, Muse will release their ninth album, dubbed Will Of The People. To mark the occasion, the group publishes 1000 copies in the form of NFT. And, for the first time, the charts in the United Kingdom and Australia will take this new mode of sale into account in their calculations.

Just like vinyl, 8 tracks, cassettes, CDs and even minidiscs (…) we also welcome NFTs and we will be really happy that the first album that will be delivered in NFT and which will contribute to this ranking [soit celui de] Muse, which will lead the way at the end of the summer», explains Martin Talbot, the head of the Official Charts Company, the equivalent of SNEP.

The NFT album will feature flac (uncompressed audio format) versions of all ten songs from the album as well as the digital signatures of band members Matthew Bellamy, Dominic Howard, and Christopher Wolstenholme. Muse’s thousand albums will be available at 20 pounds (23 euros) on the Serenade platform, according to The Guardian . To pay for your purchase, credit card and cryptocurrency are accepted.

The group was already interested, two years ago, in innovative formats. He had thus worked with the blockchain platform CryptoKitties (which allows anyone to own unique virtual cats). On this cryptocurrency game, the three members of the group appeared in the form of collectible cats.

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Bitcoin on July 30, 2022 – The $26,000 before the final battle of $30,000?



The king of cryptos continues his recovery but until when? – Many cryptocurrency investors are currently rejoicing in the technical rebound of the Bitcoin (BTC)despite bad macroeconomic news such as the US GDP contracting for the second consecutive quarter, and the Core PCE (statistic much watched by the FED to measure inflation) which remains at high levels.

But the fact that major risks are largely priced in recently explains the resilience of all risky asset classes. So much so that the theory of market efficiency is becoming ridiculous. To wonder even if it was not yet another ruse to trap the last latecomers who were full sellers.

After dismissing the threat below the $20,000 support, the king of cryptos seems to have decided to test its next resistances. The latest technical analyzes bear witness to this momentum short term. With the prospect that Bitcoin will conquer one of the key thresholds of its last bull run.

This Bitcoin price analysis is brought to you in collaboration with the Coin Trading and its algorithmic trading solution finally accessible to individuals.

Bitcoin in Monthly Units – A Positive July After Multiple Hesitations Around the $20,000 Support

Except in an incredible situation and after the spring rout, Bitcoin seems set to end on a positive note in July. Not without difficulty in the sense that it took time to rebound from the $20,000 support. Should we be reassured in the short term?

Bitcoin price analysis in monthly units - July 30, 2022

Yes, because the king of cryptos was carried by a lull in bond rates and a timid consolidation of the dollar against the main major currencies (euro, yen, pound sterling, Canadian dollar). No because June’s huge bearish candle is far from over. Hence the conviction that we would limit ourselves to a technical rebound and no more.

However, cryptocurrency investors are looking to cling to the idea that BTC prices are above the Kumo (cloud ofIchimoku) in monthly units, and similarly for the Chikou Span. But on the other hand, the evolutions of the Tenkan and the Kijun would encourage me to be on my guard. Their rapprochement, which is the result of the last bearish wave, would potentially constitute an additional source of tension in its bear run.

Thus, the possibility of a Tenkan – Kijun crossover in monthly units would hardly be reassuring from a medium-long term perspective, even if it would not represent a reliable technical signal given its latency.

Projecting onto the weekly chart, Bitcoin’s bear run since its last ATH in 2021 temporarily calms down. On the other hand, prices fail to erase the losses of the weekly candle of June 13th. So that it is not an obstacle to the pursuit of the technical rebound, it would be necessary to overcome two resistances which are close to each other: that of $26,000 and the Tenkan.

Bitcoin Price Analysis in Weekly Units - July 30, 2022

In the affirmative, BTC prices would attack a bone, the resistance of $30,000. Beyond its major role in the latest bull run, it could end up near the descending line in favor of upside velocity before mid-August. Even so, prices and the Chikou Span would still remain below the Kumo.

This could be frustrating for cryptocurrency investors not to see the end of the tunnel. But patience will remain in order until prices for the king of cryptos recover to the head-shoulder neck line around $41,000. History to consider a definitive neutralization of the bear run (not to be confused with a true trend reversal).

Bitcoin in Daily Units – Will Prices Cross Above Kumo?

The suspense in daily units would be whether Bitcoin prices will manage to break above Kumo. Especially since a triple bottom was already validated before, then took root thanks to a throwback on the $22,000 support. This would be an encouraging point that would allow an extension of the technical rebound.

Bitcoin price analysis in daily units - July 30, 2022

However, the upper limit of the cloud, the SSB (Senkou Span B) which is very flat on several consecutive days in a future projection, could prove to be a tough resistance, not far from that of $26,000. If that fails, BTC prices would remain inside the Kumo with fears of a move back towards $22,000.

But if we keep the same dynamic as this week, the ultimate fight towards $30,000 awaits us. This would coincide simultaneously with a rise in the Chikou Span towards the upper or lower limit of the cloud. And if we will maintain the term of ultimate combat unless otherwise stated, it is that there should be no illusions about the outcome of the technical rebound with regard to the current environment on the financial markets.

Now that Bitcoin’s bear run pause since its last ATH in November 2021 is in the pipeline, let’s hope that $26,000 isn’t the finishing touch on the technical bounce. In which case, I fear that a new bearish wave will start again. But unlike the previous one, it would be a question of capitulation which would leave many players in the cryptocurrency industry behind. So much so that we have a piece of evidence against influencers like the massive sale of bitcoins from Tesla in its last quarterly earnings release.

But on the other hand, the latest FOMC meeting would raise hopes of less aggressive monetary tightening by the FED in the future. Not to mention that the latest macroeconomic figures would seem to confirm this presumed scenario with an easing of inflationary pressures as a result. In that sense, it could help Bitcoin rally to $30,000, the eventual end point of the technical rebound extension.

Crossing the descending line would not be enough to conclude a favorable trend reversal. Especially since there would be a lot of work to tame future Kumo into weekly units. A move beyond the broad resistance zone of $41,000-46,000 would ultimately be the necessary condition to initially balance the balance of power between buyers and sellers.

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Billionaire Mark Cuban sued over Voyager Digital promotion



After me the deluge – This is what users of the Voyager Digital platform, and in particular fans of the Dallas Mavericks, feel. The link between a bankrupt crypto lending platform and an NBA franchise? Mark Cuban. The billionaire basketball club owner has been promoting Voyager in recent months. Some fans who followed Mark Cuban feel aggrieved by this promotion, which is now worth a trial. Clearly, the investor is not always in good moves

Traveling, terminus everyone gets off

Mark Cuban is used to sporting rivalries with other clubs, but perhaps less when the opposition comes “from within”. Several Mavericks fans have filed a lawsuit to gain recognition for Cuban’s promotion of Voyager. We find on the dock the boss of the franchise, the franchise itself as well as the CEO of Voyager Digital, Steve Ehrlich.

Cuban sued by private individuals over his promotion of now-bankrupt Voyager Digital.

The purpose is to demonstrate that the defendants Cuban and Ehrlich “played a key role and directly solicited investors, individually and through the Dallas Mavericks, to encourage them to invest in Voyager”. The complainants want the courts to find them guilty in order to be reimbursed.

The complaint filed by the investors states that “Voyager Digital LLC was an unregulated and unsustainable scam, similar to other ponzi schemes. »

The US Federal Reserve is closely following the bankruptcy of the crypto platform, which increases the pressure. For its part, Voyager Digital has refused a debt buyback offer formulated by the FTX exchange.

Will Mark Cuban have to score a 3-pointer in court to defend his case? Shouldn’t the billionaire’s troubles distract you from your goals? Instead, organize a solid investment strategy. Register without delay on the FTX reference crypto exchange platform. In addition, you benefit from a lifetime reduction on your trading fees (commercial link, see conditions on official website).


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Linkedin founder launches ‘Untranslatable Words’ collection



Billionaire entrepreneur Reid Hoffman, best known for co-founding social and business network Linkedin, is getting into non-fungible tokens (NFTs). He has indeed just announced the completion of his own collection. It will then be auctioned on the famous and large Solana marketplace, Magic Eden.

The project is called Untranslatable Words. And Reid Hoffman explains that he chose it because he says he is fascinated by untranslatable words. That is to say “those which exist in another language and which have no equivalent in our own language”. A news shared yesterday in a twitter thread published on the latter’s official account.

NFT tokens

Final Fantasy – A collection of NFTs in partnership with Enjin (ENJ)

Hugh B. – 21 Jul 2022 – 11:01

The NFT market is not in its best shape right now. But […]


The NFT collection “Untranslatable Words”

A collection of NFTs that was developed using the artificial intelligence software DALL-E 2. An image generator using artificial intelligence, recently opened in public beta by OpenAI. A week ago, it was not possible to market the images generated by DALL-E 2 since the project was not yet completed (phase of preview). Overall, the software makes it possible to transform conventional images into NFTs.

“Visual expression cannot exist without technology. Great artists have always been great innovators. If groundbreaking artists like Da Vinci, Pablo Picasso, Georgia O’Keefe and Frida Kahlo were alive today, I’m sure they would experience DALL-E”.

Reid Hoffman, co-founder of Linkedin

In total, 11 tokenized coins will be auctioned on the Magic Eden platform. By the way, the first NFT in the collection, which you can see below, is available since this morning on the marketplace of Solana network. It is called “Mångata”, a Swedish term for “the reflection of the moon on the water, similar to a road”.

NFT Magic Eden
“Mångata”, piece 1/11 from the NFT collection, by Reid Hoffman

Currently, his highest bid is 12 SOL, which is approximately $517.

Why is Reid Hoffman launching an NFT collection?

In his thread, the co-founder of Linkedin explains his motivations. He recalls that with this technology, each user without artistic experience has the ability to generate hundreds of images with “expert rendering”. And this in often record time. It is true that the traditional methods would have required hours of work. In addition, it emphasizes the character of rarity inherent in all NFTin the sense that it allows make a digital good unique and rare.

Reid Hoffman Co-founder Linkedin NFT
Reid Hoffman, co-founder of Linkedin

However, this does not really allow us to understand why Reid Hoffman tries such experiments. In reality, his NFT collection is not destined to become the most emblematic of the year. Because if its teams have developed it, it is initially to better understand NFTs and the “possibilities they offer”. It is therefore only a simple experiment, on a small scale, “but concrete”. We deduce that if this one is conclusive, other projects should follow.


LinkedIn – FBI warns of “significant threat” from crypto scams

Hugh B. – 18 Jun 2022 – 15:00

It’s not a simple bear market that will stop scammers from […]


Reid Hoffman has provided a distribution for the funds raised through the auction. In effect, a portion of the proceeds will be donated to charitable causes related to the collection. And the balance will go into the hands of the team’s collaborators. Moreover, each NFT not sold will be “burn or permanently destroyed”.


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BTC/USD Analysis – Week 31



Bitcoin is recovering despite the monetary tightening which obviously does not have the expected results vis-à-vis inflation.

Oil, geopolitics and printing money

Let’s start by celebrating the independence day of the bitcoin. We celebrated this Monday August 1st the soft fork which sounded the end of the “Big Block War”. Back then (2017), Bitmain wanted to increase the block size via a hard fork. This ultimately led to the creation of Bitcoin Cash.

The goal was to increase transaction throughput. Difficult indeed to oil world trade with seven transactions per second. Except that the inevitable increase in the size of nodes destroy its decentralization due to hard drive costs. This false good idea was logically rejected. The Lightning Network has since fixed the problem.

Parenthesis closed. Let’s come to BTC/USD. We managed to gain ground while the FED keep on going to raise the cost of money. Moody’s expects the key rate to reach 4% by March 2023.

The ECB has also started tuning fork. Backwards. Christine Lagarde said it: raising rates will not be able to counter the immense inflation that Russia can cause at leisure by turning off the gas tap.

GAS STOCK IN EUROPE / “While political leaders look positively at the level of gas storage today (69%) compared to 2021 (57%), this is irrelevant. The correct comparison should be the 5-year average (73%). »

In addition, the ECB has already promised that it will run the printing press to ensure that government borrowing rates do not soar…

The United States is somewhat less vulnerable given its fragile energy independence. However, inflation is as high there as in Europe (9% per year). Which suggests that the worst is yet to come for our old continent devoid of fossil fuels.

And then, the damage is already done. As Karl Otto Pöhl, former President of the Bundesbank, said:

“Inflation is like toothpaste: once out of the tube, you can’t put it back in; thus, it is better not to press too hard on the tube”.

Replace “inflation” with “debt” and everything becomes clear. That of the French government has increased by 125% since the peak of conventional oil in 2007. During this time, real GDP (production) has almost stagnated (+10%)…

There are no secrets. Taking on so much debt in such a short time is a symptom of a declining economy sooner or later having a date with inflation. The EU is no longer deluded.

The fact that oil-producing countries are reluctant to produce more should also alert us. The sources of oil that are easiest to extract and closest to where they are needed have dried up, leaving us with ever more expensive deposits to exploit.

As such, closely follow the OPEC+ meeting this Wednesday. The “+” means that Russia will be present. And probably she will quietly pressure the cartel not to invest more in her production capacities.

“I don’t think they will do much”said Christof Ruhl, an analyst at Columbia University’s Center on Global Energy Policy. “They will be content with fine words without doing much more in fact”. “They genuinely worry about a recession.”

“It is absolutely not known to what extent Saudi Arabia will increase its production”energy expert Jan Stuart told Bloomberg. “The Saudis never want to give the impression that they are giving Americans any special treatment.” “Anyway, we don’t think Riyadh has that much leeway. [pour rehausser sa production]. »

In other words, energy prices are unlikely to subside. Especially since this inflation serves the strategy of Russia which urges the world to stop using the dollar.

Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov was clear before the African Union last week:

“If the United States and the European Union – at the request of the United States – decided to freeze Russian foreign exchange reserves – and they are now seriously starting a legal process to confiscate this money – who knows… They could do the same to someone else tomorrow or the day after. I have no doubt that they will not hesitate to freeze the reserves of any other country that irritates them in one way or another. Frankly speaking, reliance on the dollar as an international currency is not very promising. It is no coincidence that more and more countries are turning to the use of alternative currencies. Including their own national currencies. This process will accelerate. »

Mr. Lavrov held the same about a few days earlier against the 22 countries of the Arab League.

We are in the middle of a monetary, energy and military war. In this context, why get rid of your bitcoins? Isn’t he the strongest candidate serious as the reserve currency of a multipolar world?

Not to mention that inflation largely depends on factors over which central banks have no control. Raising rates will not magically cause oil to gush out in New York.

Worse, in the United States, the rise in interest rates could prove to be a blow for the shale oil industry which was already unable to make money with rates at the floor…

Let’s finish with the Taiwanese imbroglio which could well push China into economic reprisals which bode very badly for inflation. Not to mention the fact that Taiwan is the world leader in semiconductors…

US Department of Defense spokesperson: “China could take measures of economic coercion”


GlassNode Weekly On-Chain Analysis Summary

Unfortunately, GlassNode observes that “Current network activity suggests demand for BTC is struggling to build.”

The number of active addresses continues to trend downwards. On a weekly average, approximately 900,000 addresses are active. This figure was 1.1 million last November, when bitcoin was worth more than $70,000.

The number of transactions per second and the fees also lack the power to suggest that a bull run would be imminent. Only 3 transactions per second on average and 13 BTC per day collected in transaction fees by miners.

But the bull market usually come with high fees. These latter “are often one of the first signs of a recovery in demand”, recalls GlassNode. And here’s a graph to prove it:

Bitcoin: total transaction fees
Average weekly transaction fees paid to BTC miners
Note that SegWit has increased the maximum capacity of transactions per block, which has reduced transaction fees.

It should also be taken into account that the growth of the Lightning Network, which allows transactions to be carried out off chain. More and moreexchanges and of wallets connected to it.

GlassNode pointed this out in its report:

“On a more positive note, the Lightning Network continues to grow. There are now more than 4,400 BTC there. An increase of 19% over the last two months, despite the bear market. This metric […] is a good gauge of the network effect. »

The network effect is very important since according to the law According to Metcalfe, the value of a network is proportional to the square of the number of users.

In sum, GN believes that “Beneath the surface, observed on-chain demand remains lackluster.” “This recovery has not yet been followed by a convincing rebound in metrics intimately linked to demand.”

So much the better ! A slow bullish recovery will allow for great shopping at dirt cheap. In addition, do not miss this article about the SEC just declaring war on Coinbase and shitcoins.

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Nicolas Teterel avatar
Nicolas Teterel

Journalist reporting on the Bitcoin revolution. My papers deal with bitcoin through geopolitical, economic, and libertarian prisms.


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Crypto-portrait: Elizabeth Stark, the activist who wants to democratize Bitcoin



After campaigning for the defense of digital freedoms, Elizabeth Stark embarked on a crazy project that could be a game-changer for Bitcoin.

We are in the process of bitcoinize the world with Lightning “. Here, summarized in a tweet, the incredible promise of Elizabeth Stark, the boss of Lightning Labs. This American company is working hard to democratize the star of cryptocurrencies, thirteen years after the creation of Bitcoin. After a first beta published in 2018, the start-up presented its new protocol, Taro, a few months ago. The latter must make it possible to transfer ” stable corners “, these cryptos that mirror classic currencies, a long-awaited innovation.

And lately the news has been pretty good. “It is one of the most compelling technological paths of the moment”, ignites even Michael Saylor, this American boss who has become one of the apostles of cryptocurrency. Thus, one can tip in Bitcoin on Twitter thanks to Strike, an application based on the network Lightning. At salvadorwhich made Bitcoin an official currency last September, we can also consume thanks to QR codes of Lightning.

Bitcoin Cryptocurrency
The democratization of Bitcoin, the goal of Elizabeth Stark. // Source: Editing by Nino Barbey for Numerama

Overcome the weaknesses of Bitcoin

Why is Elizabeth Stark’s start-up arousing so much hope? Because its network, an overlay to Bitcoin, fills in the weaknesses of the cryptocurrency of Satoshi Nakamoto. Which explains why this project is so followed by maximalists, those supporters of bitcoin who think that this crypto-currency has a central role. “The Lightning Network must enable more, faster and cheaper payments”, summarizes the crypto expert Renaud Lifchitz. That is three critical points where Bitcoin has proven to be inefficient.

“This would allow everyday use of this cryptocurrencyadds Adli Takkal-Bataille, the president of the association Le Cercle du coin. But this is a very old debate. Some of the maximalists will tell you that it is the panacea. The others that there are Ethereum and its overlays which are already establishing themselves as the standard ». Suffice to say that if successful, Elizabeth Stark would become the high priestess of Bitcoin. A feat in this universe too masculine where the women are too few.

brilliant academic

Before getting there, as recalled by the specialized media Corner Telegraph, the boss of Lightning Labs, recognizable by her bangs and her long black hair, was rather atypical. It is indeed a brilliant academic, a pure product of the Ivy League, these universities of excellence in the Eastern United States. Where many creators of tech flagships have instead preferred to drop their studies. She is a graduate in international relations and from Harvard Law School. And besides teaching activities, she writes in the harvard review dedicated to technological legal issues.

A journey carried out hand in hand with a commitment to a freer Internet. In the 2000s, Elizabeth Stark will indeed flourish in activism. The young woman becomes a public figure on the subject of digital freedoms. She joins the board of directors of theStudents for free culture association. And his official bio of the time mentions his collaboration with the Electronic Frontier Foundation. It is the flagship American NGO for the defense of freedoms on the Internet.

The battle against Sopa and Pipa

His commitment will be embodied through the fight against two reform projects: the sofafor Stop Online Piracy Actand Pipa, for Protect IP Act. To counter these texts supposed to fight against illegal downloading, Internet users are mobilizing. In solidarity, many online services voluntarily go to sleep on January 18, 2012. A show of forcewill judge the press, which leads elected officials to withdraw their support for these controversial reforms.

To convince, the young woman does not hesitate to stage herself. In one of his itemsshe tells for example how a mix posted on her blog ended up being listed by the magazine The Wire in one of its tops. “I had just posted something on my blog, and without any extra effort on my part people all over the world started listening to my mix”she underlines this fan of electronic music.

Elizabeth Stark also participates in the creation of theOpen Video Alliance. This association campaigned for open source videos that were not subject to royalties. A militancy that led him, for example, to give a conference at Berlin against surveillance and the tech lobby. We finally see it alongside figures of American hacktivism, such as Aaron Swartz. This famous defender of digital freedoms, now deceased, had worked on RSS technology or co-founded the Reddit forum.

Elizabeth Stark hiding behind a computer in September 2008. Source: Joi Ito/Flickr
Elizabeth Stark hiding behind a computer in September 2008. Source: Joi Ito/Flickr

natural pivot

So, is it surprising that the digital freedom activist has converted to crypto-currencies? Well no, because the parentage is pretty clear. Admittedly, the crypto community has some speculator-baiting sides. But it is the cypherpunks, those activists advocating more privacy on the Internet, who are considered the conceptual godfathers of Bitcoin.

For Elizabeth Stark, this pivot to Bitcoin will take place in several stages. She first joined StarX, an entrepreneurship incubation program from Stanford, this university in the heart of Silicon Valley. The future boss of Lightning Labs then became interested in training questionsfor example.

But with Elizabeth Stark, activism is never far away. We find it behind this grandstand published in July 2014 on TechCrunch, calling on New York City to open up to Bitcoin. But at the time, the entrepreneur already had an idea in mind. “The Bitcoin protocol has enormous potential”she says in a tweet of February 2014.

And to brush the metaphor of TCP and HTTP. The first is the data transport protocol, the second the communication protocol developed for the web. She thus already suggests that Bitcoin should be supplemented with a new layer. It will therefore be Lightning Labs, created two years later with Olaoluwa Osuntokun. This computer expert from Nigeria comes from Google.

Funded to the tune of $80 million by investors, the start-up is now supported by the trading application robinhood and by Jack Dorsey. The Twitter founder is known for his Bitcoin fervor. But don’t think Elizabeth Stark has taken the big head. “Bitcoins for billions [de personnes]not for billionaires”, hammersdoes she always.


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The fall in the prices of cryptos, NFT and Bitcoin, does not curb the appetite of hackers and scammers: 2 billion dollars stolen in the first half of 2022



Published on


Interest in cryptocurrencies is declining around the world – the market for NFT decreases and Bitcoin is experiencing the biggest price drop in 11 years. Yet cybercriminals continue to make billions by targeting various crypto projects.

Scammers stole nearly $2 billion in the first half of 2022

According to data analyzed by the Atlas VPN team, cybercriminals looted $1.97 billion from 175 crypto project hacks in the first half of 2022.

Ethereum: the most popular with hackers

The ecosystem Ethereum suffered the most, with over $1 billion stolen in 32 events. The biggest hack in the ecosystem belongs to Ronin, an Ethereum sidechain designed for the popular non-fungible token game Axie Infinity. Attackers stole over $600 million in Ether and USDC. Data is based on figures provided by Slowmist Hacked, which collects information on disclosed attacks on security projects. blockchain. Monetary losses were calculated based on the conversion rate of a particular cryptocurrency at the time of a hack or scam.


The ecosystem SOLANA ranks second on the list. Cybercriminals stole $383.9 million from Solana-related projects in just 5 events. The biggest hack in the ecosystem belongs to the decentralized finance (DeFi) platform Wormhole. Attackers exploited a signature verification vulnerability in the platform’s network to create wormhole-wrapped Ether on Solana worth approximately $326 million.

Binance Smart Chain (BSC)

Then comes the ecosystem Binance Smart Chain (BSC), with $141.4 million in losses. In total, the BSC ecosystem faced 47 hacking and scam events in the first half of this year, more than any other crypto project. Qubit Finance, based on Binance Smart Chain, suffered an exploit in which $80 million in Binance Coins (BNB) was drained from Qubit’s QBridge protocol.

NFTs not left out of theft

Meanwhile, non-fungible token (NFT) projects earned cybercriminals $84.6 million in 45 events, while the Fantom ecosystem earned $54.8 million in 8 events.

Other flights

The rest of the crypto projects that suffered from cybercriminals in the first half of this year include crypto exchanges with $35.8 million lost in 4 events, Polygon ecosystem with $13.1 million lost in 2 events , the Avalanche ecosystem with $8.3 million lost in a single event, Blockchain projects with $3.5 million lost in 5 events, and crypto wallets with $263,382 lost in 2 cyber incidents. Losses from other crypto-related cybercrime events amounted to $236.2 million. In total, there were 24 such incidents.

Cybercrime linked to the Crypto project almost doubled in the first half of 2022

Cryptocurrencies are often advertised as a safer alternative to traditional payment methods, but the numbers tell a different story. In fact, the number of cybercrime events related to cryptocurrency projects is constantly increasing.

If we compare the numbers from this year and last year, the number of cybercrimes affecting crypto projects increased by 94%, from 90 in the first half of 2021 to 175 in the first half of 2022. The first quarter of 2022 saw 79 cybercrime events, 108% more than the first quarter of 2021 with 38 events. Meanwhile, the second quarter of 2022 recorded 96 cybercrime events, an 85% increase from 52 in the second quarter of 2021.

Overall, cybercrime occurrences increased by more than a fifth (22%) between the first quarter of this year and the second. May was the toughest month for crypto projects, with 37 hack and scam events in a single month.

The security of cryptocurrency projects leaves a lot to be desired. Until security issues are resolved, the irreversible and decentralized nature of cryptocurrencies will continue to make crypto companies one of the top targets for cybercriminals.


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Elon Musk: Dogecoin (DOGE) is better than Bitcoin (BTC)!



Sat 06 August 2022 ▪ 2:00 p.m. ▪

min read – by

Doge has memes and dogs Says the man who had just sold his bitcoin holdings and who continues to give his unwavering support to Dogecoin. Yes, that’s 100% Elon Musk. And we can’t do anything against him, even if he says that DOGE has assets that his eldest BTC does not have. A much higher transaction capacity, among others.

Transaction capacity, Dogecoin better than Bitcoin

Transaction capacity: Dogecoin 30 and Bitcoin 7 per second

In a recent interview, Elon Musk made an unflattering statement about bitcoin.

I mainly support Doge, because Doge has memes and dogs. The current total transaction capacity of Dogecoin is much higher than that of Bitcoin. »

And he is not wrong in saying this: the Dogecoin blockchain can indeed support up to 33 transactions per second. For Bitcoin, it is limited to 7 transactions. Moreover, this is one of the issues raised by the Cleveland FED in a recent investigation of Bitcoin and the Lightning Network.

Certainly, the use of the consensus algorithm ofAuxiliary Proof-of-Work is there for something. Add to this the process of merged mining which allows mining free of additional cost.

But you are not unaware that Elon Musk has always been seduced by the DOGE. His first demonstrations of support date back to 2021, when the American centibillionaire began tweeting messages promoting Dogecoin.

Enthusiasts were ecstatic after his promise to send this cryptocurrency to the moon.

The DogeFather Musk does not lack opportunities to highlight the DOGE, both on social networks and during his appearances on television shows.

Recently, his company Tesla decided to get rid ofa large part of his bitcoin holdings. To say that this electric car specialist previously had 42,000 BTC. Now he should not have more than 10,500 coins in his crypto wallet.

However, no DOGE has been sold within the company. And why would he? Didn’t he announce that Tesla and SpaceX will accept Dogecoin as a means of payment?

Duel Bitcoin VS Doge, who wins?

The difference between Bitcoin and Doge is not only in the number of transactions per second (TPS). It can also manifest itself in:

  • the level of volatility: the DOGE is much less volatile than the BTC, hence the increase in investor interest in this memecoin in day-to-day transactions;
  • supply capitalization: if bitcoin has a total supply capped at 21 millionDogecoin is strong with unlimited capitalization;
  • scarcity: this cap on the maximum number of bitcoins contributes to a gradual increase in its value. For Dogecoin, scarcity will never be acquired, and that is what its founders Palmer and Markus intended.
  • the hashing standard: for Bitcoin, it is the SHA-256 of the National Security Agency (NSA) and for Dogecoin, the Scrypt hashing standard of Litecoin.
  • etc
Source: Cointelegraph

In short, the points of divergence do not stop at the TPS. And if you want to know which is the best between the two cryptocurrencies, know that there is no definitive answer to this. If you take returns for example, Dogecoin generates a lot of returns to its investors. Note, however, that this memecoin seems more appropriate for a short-term investment. Its rival Bitcoin, if we can call it that, nevertheless adapts to a long-term investment. That’s what the hodlers are doing right now bear run.

Sources: Economics Observatory ; Cointelegraph ; CoinDCX Blog ; The Crypto Basic ; Tech Crunch

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The blockchain and crypto revolution is underway! And the day when the impacts will be felt on the most vulnerable economy of this World, against all hope, I will say that I had something to do with it


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Huobi founder wants to sell his shares



Leon Li, the CEO of the Huobi exchange, will sell his stake in the company, or 60% of the shares. A decision motivated by the difficulties encountered by the exchange following the bear market and the banning of cryptocurrencies in China. Sam Bankman-Fried and Justin Sun would be among the potential buyers.

Huobi Global is navigating troubled waters

Leon Lithe founder of the exchange Huobiis currently in discussions with various institutions and investors in order to sell his stake in the company, or 60% of the shares. According to Bloomberg, the transaction could raise Huobi’s valuation to $3 billion.

Leon Li’s intentions had briefly leaked at the beginning of July, the platform having found itself in serious difficulty following its obligation tostop serving Chinese customers due to local regulations. Huobi would then have recorded a substantial drop in its income, which could also lead it to lay off 30% of its staff in Chinaaccording to the journalist Colin Wu (known as Wu Blockchain).

Sam Bankman-Friedthe CEO of FTX, and Justin Sunthe founder of tron (TRX), would be among the potential buyers. Justin Sun, however, refuted the facts reported by Bloomberg.

On his side, Sam Bankman-Fried did not deny. Such an acquisition on his part would make sense, the latter having declared last May that FTX could deploy “ billions of dollars of acquisition », the treasury of the exchange being a priori in good shape. He has moreover proved the financial capacities of his company by recently proposing the acquisition of Celsius Network and Voyager Digital.

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A sale soon to be finalized

According to people familiar with the matter who wished to remain anonymous, the sale of Leon Li’s shares could be effective by the end of August. Zhen Fund and Sequoia China2 of Huobi’s main backers, were notified of the founder’s decision at a meeting in July.

According to a company spokesperson, who said few details could be revealed at this time, Leon Li hopes future buyers will manage to turn around the ailing exchange :

“He hopes the new shareholders will be more powerful and resourceful, and will value the Huobi brand and invest more capital and energy to boost Huobi’s growth.” »

This transaction, which would generate a profit of around one billion dollars, would be theone of the largest achieved in the history of cryptocurrencies.

Since the ban on cryptocurrencies in China, Huobi has notably extended to Dubai, New Zealand and plans to expand to the United States.

The exchange, which nevertheless remains one of the largest on the market, posts on average over $1 billion in volume traded daily. His token, the HTobserved an increase of 25% after publication of the Bloomberg dispatch. Its price today is 5.3 dollars.

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Source : Bloomberg

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Monkeys, plagiarism and NFT, 100 billion to close the case that makes Yuga Labs wince



Escalation – Ryder Ripps outbids, after Yuga Labs files a lawsuit, which seeks to prevent the artist from doing more harm to the collection NFT Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC).

NFT: the end of the war at a delusional price

$100 billion : an amount that greatly exceeds the annual GDP of several countries. The artist Ryder Ripps would however have noted to his lawyers, that he would only accept the settlement of the dispute between him and Yuga Labs at this price.

The message conveyed by the evocation of this delirious sum is nevertheless clear. Ryder Ripps has no intention of laying down his arms after Yuga Labs filed a complaint against the artist, last June. The company accuses Ryder Ripps of flooding the market with NFT RR/BAYC, which would only be copies of the BAYCs.

Yuga Labs hopes to hurt the wallet of its adversary, through an order for payment of damages, and to obtain a decision from the Court which would prevent the artist and his NFTs, from harming the economic interests of the company in the future. coming.

Freedom of expression or irreverence

Ryder Ripps continues to play the provocation, demanding these 100 billion dollars. The legal battle, if it actually takes place, promises to be entertaining, if not interesting for non-lawyers.

Not content with watering the cryptosphere of NFT RR/BAYC to harm the competing collection, the artist had made serious accusations against BAYC, supporting a cheeky thesis, which associates the NFT collection with the Nazis.

Pushed to the limit, Yuga Labs had to come out of its silence to refute these allegations, which the company simply described as “bullshit”.

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He defended the honor of the frog

Ryder Ripps called on the expertise of Louis Tompros of the law firm Wilmer Hale, to defend its interests, in the lawsuit to come.

Louis Tompros is known for representing Matt Furie, the creator of Pepe the Frog, in his legal tussle against far-right organizations, which allegedly used the frog as a racist and supremacist meme.

Yuga Labs has shown that it is determined to defend the scarcity of Bored Ape Yacht Club. With his statements, Ryder Ripps kindles the passions between his supporters and the BAYC community. The artist is bravado for the moment, but does he have strong enough shoulders to go through with a trial, which could cost him dearly?

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