Mojang Studios bans NFTs and blockchain from Minecraft



Faced with the rise of this technology and cases of scams, the studio has decided to firmly step up to the plate.

Over the decades, the video game has continued to evolve. From the simple solo game, players have successively discovered multiplayer, 3D, virtual reality, cross-play and battle royale. The 2020s should be dedicated to a revolutionary technology: blockchain and NFTs. These digital collectibles are increasingly present in video gamesand many of the big names in the industry are taking a strong interest in it.

A technology that is popular, but which also has its dark side

If the cases of scams have multiplied, non-fungible tokens have invested all areas, and in particular that of video games. On Minecraft, the NFT Worlds company, for example, has forged a solid reputation by selling “seeds”, namely codes allowing the generation of worlds in the game, in the form of NFTs. An extremely popular approach, but which did not really please Mojang, the company behind best-selling video game of all time. A few days ago, the firm announced its desire to permanently ban NFTs from Minecraftand more generally all blockchain technologies.

In a press release, it is thus said that “ NFT integrations with Minecraft are generally not something we will allow. This includes NFTs associated with any in-game content, including worlds, skins, items or other mods”.

The company is also concerned that ” some third-party NFTs are unreliable and end up costing players who acquire them. Some third-party NFT implementations are also entirely dependent on blockchain technology and may require an asset manager that could disappear without notice. There have also been cases of NFTs being sold at artificially or fraudulently inflated prices. »

NFT Worlds replicates with its own version of Minecraft

A statement that has not necessarily gone unnoticed, at a time when giants like SEGA or Square Enix are seriously studying the inclusion of NFT in their games. Re Minecraft (which recently welcomed a huge update), Mojang Studios’ statement greatly disappointed NFT Worlds, which even called the decision ” step back in innovation ». The company goes even further by explaining that “ Microsoft, Mojang and Minecraft had no consideration for creators, builders and players”.

As an answer, NFT Worlds will create a new game and a new platform directly inspired by the mechanics of Minecraft. The company intends to modernize the structure of the game, while bringing its own stone to the building, just to avoid a possible legal attack for plagiarism. In addition to integrating blockchain technologies, the still unnamed title should also be completely free and offer no microtransactions.


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