For his NFT project, Damien Hirst will burn his own works



The troublemaker of contemporary art Damien Hirst, renowned, among other things, for his controversial works featuring the corpses of animals imprisoned in formaldehyde, has also given in to the wave of NFTs. With The Currencythe British artist plans to destroy, on the occasion of an exhibition, several thousand works that his followers have decided to keep in the form of NFT.

After Jeff Koons and his crazy project – not to say lunar – of NFT, it is now the turn of another star of contemporary art to add his stone to the building: the British artist Damien Hirst, also well known for his works disturbing and excessive than for his thousands of spot paintings or his cherry blossoms, exhibited last year at the Cartier Foundation for Contemporary Art, is once again being talked about today with The Currency.

A heavy weight of contemporary art

A year ago, Damien Hirst joined the Heni platform to The Currency and put on sale the NFTs of 10,000 of these “spot paintings” created by him in 2016. “OIt is often said that money corrupts art. Here it is an attempt of art to corrupt money “, had then declared the founder of the platform about the project. The purchasers of each painting had until July 27, 2022 to make their choice, to keep the work in NFT or in its physical form. The key: an exhibition at the start of the next school year during which Damien Hirst will gradually burn the thousands of physical works abandoned by buyers in favor of NFTs.

Damien Hirst, Totally Gonna Sell You, 2016 ©Heni / Damien Hirst

It is therefore from next September 9 that Damien Hirst, in his den of the Newport Street Gallery (London), will exhibit and then set fire to these thousands of colorful canvases daily – when the fateful date arrived, 5,149 people chose to separate from their NFTs for physical works, while the other 4,851 therefore decided to deliver them to the flames in order to keep their NFTs, according to the figures displayed by the platform. At the end of the exhibition at the Newport Street Gallery, the remaining works will be destroyed during the Frieze Week contemporary art fair next October.


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