Billionaire Mark Cuban sued over Voyager Digital promotion



After me the deluge – This is what users of the Voyager Digital platform, and in particular fans of the Dallas Mavericks, feel. The link between a bankrupt crypto lending platform and an NBA franchise? Mark Cuban. The billionaire basketball club owner has been promoting Voyager in recent months. Some fans who followed Mark Cuban feel aggrieved by this promotion, which is now worth a trial. Clearly, the investor is not always in good moves

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Mark Cuban is used to sporting rivalries with other clubs, but perhaps less when the opposition comes “from within”. Several Mavericks fans have filed a lawsuit to gain recognition for Cuban’s promotion of Voyager. We find on the dock the boss of the franchise, the franchise itself as well as the CEO of Voyager Digital, Steve Ehrlich.

Cuban sued by private individuals over his promotion of now-bankrupt Voyager Digital.

The purpose is to demonstrate that the defendants Cuban and Ehrlich “played a key role and directly solicited investors, individually and through the Dallas Mavericks, to encourage them to invest in Voyager”. The complainants want the courts to find them guilty in order to be reimbursed.

The complaint filed by the investors states that “Voyager Digital LLC was an unregulated and unsustainable scam, similar to other ponzi schemes. »

The US Federal Reserve is closely following the bankruptcy of the crypto platform, which increases the pressure. For its part, Voyager Digital has refused a debt buyback offer formulated by the FTX exchange.

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