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+4,000% in 60 days – Celsius melts short sellers



The heat wave is measured in Celsius – The cryptocurrency market lacks competition in terms of irrational stories. At least at first sight. Indeed, how can the token issued by a bankrupt crypto lending platform experience such growth? The company is still not out of the woods and user funds are still frozen. The CEO is trying to get rid of some chips.

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Celsius no longer works, the price flies away

The story of Celsius is unfortunately not an isolated one. The loss of parity of the stablecoin UST with the dollar last May created many swirlsand several bankruptcies. Much of the ecosystem was exposed to it (with the funds of their users) in order to be able to offer returns of up to 20% annually in stablecoins.

The setbacks of Celsius being public, many market players wanted to take advantage of it. The influx of bad news and the risks of insolvency have fueled the interest of traders (amateurs and confirmed) for a “short” position. They therefore positioned themselves as short sellersanticipating a fall in the price of the CEL token.

Example of the volatility of cryptocurrencies, even “dead”. Source

As Raptor Crypto notes, the CEL chart is head-spinning. Even more to those exposed recently. Celsius has suspended its services to clients, but its token is still listed on various crypto exchanges, such as FTX. News, liquidity phenomena, emotions and speculation. Here is the recipe that propelled the token over 4,000% in 2 months.

Media pressure and the company’s poor posture prompted many speculators to bet against its token. So that the bankruptcy of Celsius “is beyond doubt” for a majority of them. The latter have therefore positioned themselves for sale on a “future” derivative contract (allows betting on the rise/fall of an asset).

Times change but not human psychology

Unlike a position spota position future generates a liquidation threshold. A single price which, if exceeded by the asset, closes the position and uses this liquidity to inject it into the price, at the liquidation price.

In the case of the CEL crypto, a majority of participants had been positioned lower for several weeks. What mechanically makes you fat “ the liquidity envelope » available above the liquidation thresholds of the short positions. This situation creates the favorable environment for a squeeze “, a ” squeeze shorts ” in this precise case.

If the price reaches the first thresholds of liquidation, then the price can begin to chain the liquidations (forced closing of a position) of sellers. The seller thus finds himself a buyer and thus propels the price vertically. According to aggressiveness with which the sellers were positioned (leverage), price action can get totally wild. But not irrational either. Simply fueled by liquidity phenomena, operated by the most seasoned traders.

If it were necessary to recall it again, trading is a profession, which is carried out after years of study and risk-taking. Without having the assurance of being profitable. Cryptocurrency trading is even riskier because assets are highly volatile. This is why many Sunday traders end up coming to terms with the facts and become simple investors again. Less stress, less risk of seeing your capital melt under the pressure of the Celsius…

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Metamask update: why it changes everything for your cryptos and NFTs



You should never sign before you see the devil – Not a week goes by that we don’t hear about the hack of a platform, a discord server or any project. Often, these hacks have one thing in common: a user clicking on a link or validating and signing a transaction without even reading it. Metamask is updating its app to help you.

The fox wallet plays it safe

Metamaskwhich is today one of the best known web wallets, and certainly the most used, can’t block transactions for you. But he can to alert about the fact that what you are going to approve can, potentially, represent a very big risk.

The NFT are in 2022 what the Challenge was in 2021. The word is everywhere, every day millions of dollars are exchanged for small images, beautiful or ugly, expensive or not. And every day, millions of dollars are stolen via security vulnerabilities or fraudulent projects, to which the user has given rights without even knowing it.

Metamaskwhich is mainly used to validate these transactions, has therefore decided to bet on prevention, with the aim of helping users not to validate what could be dangerous.

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An update to raise awareness, but it’s up to you to be careful

This is why now transactions of the type ” Set Approval for all “, which can be translated as “Give approval for all” are marked in bold so that the information makes ” tilt in the user’s head.

Metamask crypto wallet warns users of the risks of approving a transaction giving access to all funds
Metamask’s new validation can’t be missed – Twitter

Indeed, with this type of approval, you authorize the smart contract which requests access, to come and use in your wallet. Either immediately or when it feels like it, because the majority of users do not revoke given permissions.

So of course, this update will not prevent your wallet from being siphoned off, but the fact that your attention is drawn, and above all that you can understand what rights you are going to assign, is a real step forward towards security.
Metamask initiates the process, hope that others will follow, and that wallets and platforms will continue to evolve in this direction so that you, we, are aware of what we risk by accepting a transaction.

Security is important, and unfortunately it is often taken lightly. The best way to protect yourself of a flight or a scam is to be trained and informed. The more the user masters what he does, validates, uses, the lower the risks.

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The Saylor Academy, partner of the University of Chandigarh



The Saylor Academy was launched in 2008 by Michael Saylor, founder and executive chairman of MicroStrategy. This is a non-profit initiative that aims to make higher education accessible to everyone. To this end, the academy offers free and open online courses for anyone in search of knowledge. Earlier this month, Saylor Academy signed a partnership with the University of Chandigarh.

Bitcoin, Saylor Academy

Saylor Academy and the University of ChandigarhUn, a “skills partnership”

According to a tweet by Michael Saylor on August 6, “everyone wants to learn how to manage their time and money“. The founder of MicroStrategy was then referring to another tweet from Saylor Academy. She said: “We are proud of our skills partnership with the University of Chandigarh and honored that over 16,000 of their students have enrolled in our free courses.“.

The academy then listed time and stress management and bitcoin (BTC) courses as top of the list. This means that most students want to learn more about these subjects.

let’s remember that the academy of Michael Saylor offers approximately 100 full courses college and professional level. Each learner can follow these courses developed by experts free of charge at their own pace and according to their schedules.

On the other hand, Chandigarh University is a NAAC A+ accredited private higher education institution located in India. This year, more than 784 companies participated in its placement campaign, with more than 9,328 registered placement offers.

The famous University of Chandigarh collaborates with the Saylor Academy which offers free courses to everyone. More than 16,000 university students have already enrolled in various courses at the academy. And most of them are interested in time and stress management as well as bitcoin (BTC).

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CT writing

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Cardano Vasil and Ethereum Merge – Why is it a good time to roll out?



Markets are bullish in the medium to short term, so investors are more apt to react positively to an upgrade. We believe Ethereum and Cardano developers are aware of this and will do everything to roll out their upgrades before October.

Cardano Vasil

As the world’s largest proof-of-stake blockchain prepares for its biggest upgrade, Cardano’s development team has deployed the final version of the node to the Vasil development network, along with a new environment pre-production of smart contracts.

#Ethereum breaking $2000, through the merge narrative. #Cardano should be around 1.20$ now, to be equal in the recovery leg. Vasil narrative anyone?

According to Input Output Global (IOG), the Vasil upgrade could be implemented with the next version of Node, 1.35.3, if all goes as planned. IOG said on Friday that this build will be the one that kicks off the Vasil update on mainnet, assuming they don’t encounter any new significant difficulties.

Thus, the release of version 1.35.0 could signal the conclusion of extensive testing that began on July 3 when the IOG team hardforked the Cardano testnet to Vasil functionality in preparation for the upgrade.

According to the most recent information, Vasil could go live by the end of the month, bringing major improvements to the network, although a deadline has not yet been given.

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Ethereum The Merge

According to Anthony Sassano, a freelance Ethereum trainer and co-founder of the research and information site EthHubthe long-awaited upgrade fromEthereumcould take place on September 15 or 16 rather than October 1.

There would still be two tiers left in the Ethereum upgrade, called “Paris” and “Bellatrix.” The developers have revealed that “Bellatrix” will happen on September 6. The final bend, called “Paris,” will take place when Ethereum’s hash rate reaches a certain level. This is expected to happen on September 15.

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NFT: Magic Eden wants to build a marketplace for the Bored Ape Yatch Club (APE) community



Ape Reductions – Magic Eden, the largest marketplace established on Solana (SOL)wants to launch an NFT platform dedicated to the community Apecoin (APE).

APE: a really useful monkey currency

“The most prolific DAO in the history of the world is paying obscene fees to trade on a marketplace that returns no value to DAO members, period”: the rhetoric is aggressive, but Magic Eden wants to be offensive in clearly defining the problem to be solved.

On August 9, the company published on the Apecoin forum, a proposal to build a market place, which will allow holders of $APE tokens to buy and sell NFT, at 0.75% transaction fee.

In detail, this rate comes from a “base commission” of 1.5%, reduced by 0.5% for transactions in APE, and an additional 0.25% for holders of NFTs from the Bored Yatch Club collections. .

Even without owning these NFTs, the transaction fees in APE for a user of this marketplace thus amount to half of the 2% transaction fees, which Magic Eden normally charges for all transactions carried out on its platform. .

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Magic Eden campaigning for an Apecoin NFT platform

This ApeCoinDAO marketplace should therefore provide “ lasting utility at the APE, while offering the community a platform on which it can launch its projects. Magic Eden also wants to be a good prince: this market place will cost nothing to the DAO Apecoin.

The proposal must however receive the approval of the DAO, and the free could be the crucial argument. The governance body of the APE token launched earlier this year, has already received several proposals regarding the creation of a marketplace. None have received the green light yet.

In an attempt to snatch a YES, Magic Eden suggests future proposals that will allow create a source of income for the communitypossibly splitting the distribution of platform fees between the company and the Apecoin DAO.

If Magic Eden manages to obtain a membership vote, the launch of the first phase of its marketplace is scheduled for next September.

Magic Eden therefore wants to challenge the giants of the sector like OpenSea. It will then be a question of creating a market place conferring specific advantages on the holders of $APE. The publication of its proposal comes days after the Solana-based NFT platform announced support for non-fungible Ethereum (ETH) tokens.

Ready to trade NFTs on Solana with Magic Eden? First fill your wallet with ApeCoin. To do this, register without delay on the FTX reference crypto exchange platform. In addition, you benefit from a lifetime reduction on your trading fees (commercial link, see conditions on official website).


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How bitcoin (BTC) will hit $14 million



What is the good value of bitcoin? $100,000, $500,000, $1,000,000? $14,000,000? Answering this question amounts to asking what it could replace.

$14 million bitcoin

There are many reservoirs of value that will eventually be swallowed up by bitcoin. Foremost among which is the barbarian relic.

Gold represents 11 trillion dollars. Transferring all of this value into bitcoin would value bitcoin at over $500,000.

Of course, the yellow metal will always retain some value due to its use in electronics and jewelry. Nevertheless, all the money deposited in gold for its historical role as a store of value will sooner or later fall to bitcoin, which is infinitely superior to it.

There will never be more than 21 million bitcoins. On the other hand, who can predict the quantity of gold that we will get out of the ground?

Bitcoin will also end up cutting real estate croupiers. This market of 325 trillion dollars is used in part for wealthy people wishing to protect themselves against inflation. And here again, the competition is likely to become tough against bitcoin.

A building fights against gravity and inevitably ends up collapsing. Investing in stone requires constant expenditure on renovation, upgrading, etc. Conversely, bitcoin does not need a facelift. The stone is also not accessible to everyone, while you can buy BTC for 20 euros.

Bitcoin is also extremely liquid. You cannot teleport a skyscraper to another continent in seconds to escape x threat. No problem with bitcoin.

Now that we have said that, should we determine the share of the real estate market that is investment? It is probably substantial. In France, 10% of the housing stock is identified as second homes.

By extrapolating, it is potentially 32,000 billion more that will end up in bitcoin’s purse. So we arrive at $2 million per BTC.

The stock markets are certainly the ones that have the least to fear from bitcoin. Some indebted multinationals might not like the recession and the inevitable energy decline that is looming. Nevertheless, it is certain that the technological giants will always do well.

Another bonanza is that of foreign exchange reserves. The whole world has taken note of the “freezing” of the 300 billion dollars belonging to Russia (nuclear power) by the United States and the EU.

Stateless, censorship-resistant, bitcoin is also a payment system. What more could you ask for to replace global reserves? These currently consist of 6.9 trillion dollars, 2.3 trillion euros, 625 billion yen, etc. That is 12,550 billion in all.

That is potentially a BTC at 2.6 million dollars. That is to say trifles…

Endless inflation is inevitable and the masses will come to realize this as energy becomes scarcer. Sooner or later, saving in BTC will be a no-brainer for everyone. In other words, all the money in the world will eventually be transferred into bitcoin.

This does not mean that the fiat currency will disappear. Not at all. Nothing would change except the value of bitcoin. Visa already offers payment cards that instantly convert its BTC into dollars or euros at the time of payment.

According to the International Institute for Finance, global debt stands at 300,000 billion. Or all the money in circulation in the economy (coins and banknotes represent only 5% of the total).

A single bitcoin will then be worth more than $14 million (300 trillion divided by 21 million). A little more depending on the value stored in gold and real estate who will prefer to invest in bitcoin. But let’s not quibble any more.

Let’s end with this question: What if bitcoin really replaced the fiat currency? That’s a good question we asked HERE and HERE.

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Nicolas Teterel

Journalist reporting on the Bitcoin revolution. My papers deal with bitcoin through geopolitical, economic, and libertarian prisms.


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Shiba Inu Price Prediction: Here’s Why SHIB’s Price Is Going Up



SHIB price soared over 30% on Sunday reaching an intraday high of $0.00001768. The current increase in the price of Shiba Inu coincides with a large accumulation of whales.

JUST IN: Shiba Inu has flipped #Avalanche to become the 12th largest cryptocurrency in the world by market value.

According to Santiment, an on-chain data provider: “ While the cryptos were relatively flat, the Shiba Inu was bullish, rising by +34%. Whale activity on $SHIB has been quite high, which is no coincidence. There were 433 transactions of $100,000 or more, the highest in 4 months ».

The Shiba Inu (SHIB) retraced slightly this Monday morning at $0.00001560.

Shiba Inu also benefited from good news recently. Users of cards Binance will now be able to use SHIB at more than 60 million merchants worldwide. They can earn up to 8% cashback without paying exchange fees.

Shiba Inu (SHIB) Technical Analysis

The Shiba Inu broke a ascending triangle formation in line with the bullish momentum that has been building since mid-June. The triangle in question had support at $0.00001260.

Looking back on the chart, we can see that the SHIB has also formed a figure in cup with handle or “cup-and-handle”. The cup with handle pattern is a technical chart pattern that looks like a cup with handle as the name suggests.

Shiba Inu eyes 50% rally as SHIB value enters ‘cup-and-handle’ breakout mode https://t.co/lpu61VWBoH #USA #US #UnitedStates #Sweden #Swiss #Europe #Euro #CaymanIsland #Gibraltar #England #Jordan #Oman #bahrain #Kuwait #canada https://t.co/DRF9gcmpfD

It is a figure of reversal which forms a U which represents the cup and a congestion. The latter was the ascending triangle that the price broke this weekend on the upside.

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Shiba Inu (SHIB) Price Prediction

Based on the Shiba Inu’s technical price target obtained by projecting the range of the pattern upwards from the broken resistance at $0.00001260, the SHIB may rise further to $0.00001818. That is an increase of 16% compared to the current price.

The Shiba Inu would then be back to pre-destination levels. terra crash in May 2022.

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Crypto Mining: KadenaHashing (KH) Increases NFT Purchase Rewards



Mon August 15, 2022 ▪ 2:00 p.m. ▪

min read – by

After successfully launching its 15,000 HK NFTs, KadenaHashing announces the acquisition of crypto mining high performance, the KD Max. 20 miners, bought at 11,000 dollars each, are therefore added to the fleet of this specialist in extractions on the Kadena PoW Blockchain (KDA) based in Dallas, Texas.

KadenaHashing and crypto mining rewards

KadenaHashing buys 20 KD Max devices

Holders of any of the Kadena Hashing NFTs must rave about the good news. Surely, the acquisition of these cryptocurrency miners, in this case the KDA, will increase the mining rewards for any holder of KH crypto assets.

Our first miner purchase has been made! 20 KD Max for $11,000 each. A phenomenal price for these beasts! »

Here it should be mentioned that the model KD Max signed Goldshell is able to mine the Kadena algorithm with a maximum hashrate of 40.2 TH/s, for a consumption of 3,350W.

Certainly, it is far from equaling the new beast launched by Bitmain, the Antminer S19 Pro + Hydro, the latter being capable of producing approximately 200 TH/s, with a consumption of 5,445 watts. But we must recognize other no less interesting assets in the KD Max, such as low energy consumption, 83.3 W/T.

Features of the KD Max

And it is said that the KD Max is an overlocked version of the KD6 whose production capacity is around 29 TH/s, for a consumption of 2,560 watts. If the price of the KD6 is close to 12,000 dollars, that of the KD Max can reach up to 15,000 dollars.

For its new acquisition, KadenaHashing paid just $11,000 each. Like what, in the crypto universe, discounts have not yet lost their luster.

What do we expect from these new mining devices?

As mentioned above, KadenaHashing wants to make KDAs profitable at all costs. By choosing a mechanism-based blockchain Proof-of-Work, it authorizes among other benefits and substantial profits, and for life, for the holders of NFT KH. Of the ” passive income they say in the KH white paper.

To say that these assets can be acquired from 160 dollars, and that they are protected against any form of volatility.

Please note, do not confuse Kadena and KadenaHashing. If the first is similar to a scalable PoW blockchain with several projects, the second refers to an avant-garde solution for mining cryptocurrencies.

It should also be noted that KadenaHashing promises to donate all of the profits related to its mining to the Public Treasury. This during the 6 months following the mint of each NFT. And after that, NFT KH holders will start receiving the promised rewards.

Yet another promise of KH, increasing the volume of profits based on the number of users. Its community will therefore have an interest in expanding for an effective enrichment, and this in the long term, of each portfolio.

KadenaHashing’s NFT Mint Just Happened

As recently as August 12, KadenaHashing made it known, on Mediumthat the mint of NFT HK was live. After several months of waiting, and some 200,000 dollars spent, the event finally took place.

The NFT KH mint live on August 12th

As KadenaHashing manages to offer a rate of 0.06 dollars per kWh, there is no longer any need to buy equipment or appropriate techniques to be able to afford cryptocurrencies. Its mechanism of PoW mining is able to guarantee you up to 18 KDA per day: the price of the unit on CoinGecko being 2 dollars at the time of writing this article.

@YusufDeFi gave a full display of KadenaHashing assets on his Twitter account.

If the idea of ​​making passive gains appeals to you, embark on the KadenaHashing adventure. One of its 15,000 HK NFTs has been priced from $160, while just holding this asset entitles you to the title of cryptocurrency miner.

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The blockchain and crypto revolution is underway! And the day when the impacts will be felt on the most vulnerable economy of this World, against all hope, I will say that I had something to do with it


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Competitor of Bitcoin, this cryptocurrency is skyrocketing (150%)



An announcement particularly motivated the crypto community to regain its buying optimism. Jake Yocom-Piatt, project manager at Decred, launched a new proposal on Twitter to review several points on the organization around his competing project of Bitcoin. As a result, the DCR token grew by 156% in just a few hours.

Behind Decred, a blockchain with a hybrid system mixing Proof of Work (PoW) and Proof of Stake (PoS) whose Proof of Work (PoW) works in the same way as that on Bitcoin. The goal : fix the flaws of the queen cryptocurrency and offer a better proposition as a long-term store of value. The cryptocurrency experienced its golden age (like the rest of the market) in April 2021.

At that time, its price was located at $231, for an increase of 1700% in just six months. Today marks the first real cryptocurrency rebound in a year. On August 5 at 7 p.m., its price rose from $27.7 to over $70 (briefly), before finding support around $48 during the first part of the evening. on crypto exchanges.

Decred august 2022 crypto


Jake Yocom-Piatt’s announcement is not very important from the outside, but it seems restore confidence in Decred stakeholders, while the site and the messaging of the project had to undergo an overhaul for two years. This must be done during the second half of August.

What is Decred?

Behind the motivations of Decred, that of putting an end to the minors who find themselves obliged to form collectives to hope to weigh weight against the biggest players. A risk that affects Bitcoin and which could unfortunately come to centralize its operation – which goes against one of its fundamental principles.

Decred is far from being the least complex and fastest blockchain, but it would have the merit of being more resistant to the risks of cyberattacks. Its second pillar, in its operation, is also to prevent excessive updates in its protocol from leading to splits into two separate entities, as Bitcoin had experienced with Bitcoin Cash.

To compete with Bitcoin, Decred has chosen the same operation with a mass of tokens limited to 21 million. Originally, when the project was launched in 2016, a pre-mining of 8% of the total amount was carried out and shared with investors up to 50%. For the beginning, these same investors had undertaken not to sell their assets for at least 1 year. The lack of an ICO led to an advantage for the DCR: its funds are not majority owned by its founders.

The arrival of a new messaging system and a new site sends a message that the project is not abandoned and that its organization wishes to improve. Unlike other blockchain projects, Decred follows a logic where everyone can participate in its developmentboth by proposing new ideas for improvement and by appointing several contributors on different tasks like development, community management, design, marketing and strategy.


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The Merge Could Have Disastrous Consequences and Here’s Why



You’ve probably heard of it but, the update The Merge on Ethereum making a lot of noise right now. This update could also cause great damage if ever a hard fork was happening and it was relayed by big players in the ecosystem and here’s why.

A history of hard fork following a divergence of consensus

A hard fork occurs when there is a breakdown of network consensus within the community. The network is then divided into two branches:

  • The first branch adheres to the original rules established by the community.
  • The second branch follows the new rules created by the community.

The Ethereum network, for example, is divided between those who want to switch to Proof-of-Stake technology as a consensus method and those who want to continue using the Proof-of-Work system. Before the hard forkthe mining difficulty will gradually increase until nodes in Proof of Stake take over from miners.

At the time of hard fork, the second chain is created at some point (usually a block) and duplicates the assets of the original chain. There is no reset, and blockchain will continue to keep history and all user balances.

This was also the case during the split of the Bitcoin with Bitcoin Cash in 2017 and users had cryptocurrency on either side of the blockchain. Ultimately, the price is set by buyers and sellers via the law of supply and demand.

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Duplicate cryptocurrencies during the Merge

On a blockchain that only has a native coin, we can say that the damage is limited because it only affects one asset. On a blockchain like Ethereum where thousands of cryptocurrencies are deployed, this affects thousands of assets, including NFTs.

The systemic risk is therefore very present because it also induces a multiplication of stablecoins in the ecosystem. Imagine having $10,000 today and $20,000 after the merge, without any manipulation on your part.

The risk of hard forkif supported by big ecosystem players like Binance, is devalue certain assets including stablecoins. In effect, they will have been created out of thin air, the same way banks print money. It will therefore be necessary to be particularly attentive because it is typically the kind of event that will create volatility.

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